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Welcome to FerryCrossings.org, the site for information about major UK and continental ports and the ferries between them. Cross channel ferries to France, Greek island ferry crossings, car ferries from the UK and mainland Britain to Ireland, Spain, the Isle of Wight and the Channel Islands.

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We take an overview of some of the different European ferry lines' routes and the ports that they service plus we're always on the hunt for cheap advance ferry ticket bookings, last minute & short notice travel deals.. Our site includes an introduction to a number of ports and information about the various crossing ways, lanes, routes and companies operating between them to help you plan your journey and discover interesting travel destinations along the way. You can even compare prices and save money on your ferry tickets with ads from selected major ferry lines.

Ferry Crossings

Ferries & Ferry Crossings

It's easy to suppose, logically, that ferry crossings have been around since the first humans propelled himself and another person across a stretch of water! Everything since then has been a development! Ferries of today can be anything from a pontoon for pedestrians, pulled by chains between 2 points on opposite sides of a river, to luxurious car ferries taking travellers from port to port in different parts of the world. There are now so many options that all that remains to do, for would-be ferry travellers, is to identify the one that fits the budget and sails between the best points of departure and intended destination.

For many people holidays start and finish at an airport but for many others ferry crossings are the preferred mode of travel. If you travel by air your luggage capacity is limited and there are the endless hassles of airport security, delays and unforseen problems. For enormous numbers of holiday makers the ferry is a preferable option; the family car can be included and the boot packed with all the little extras that make life away from home so much more comfortable! No having to worry about the weight allowance and what you can or can't take in your hand luggage!

Ferries mainly fall into 3 distinct categories. In the first category are the walk or drive on ones that merely take a short cut across a river instead of going all the way round by road or rail. On these you won't need to book in advance and you will usually spend the passage time on deck and exposed to the elements ......... OK in summer but not so attractive in winter! The next category are the mainland / island hopping ones that are an essential link for the islanders and essential supplies and services as well as the means of bringing tourists onto the islands, many of which have no air link with the mainland. Amongst these are those ferries sailing around the Orkney Islands, Shetland Islands, Hebrides, Channel Islands, Greek Islands, Mediteranean Islands, Scandinavian Islands, Faro Islands, and other islands such as Corfu, Isle of Man, Isle of Wight and Iceland etc. Add to these the third category, for the thousands of ferry crossings between mainland port and mainland port and the number of choices become enormous! Depending on the length of time for the crossing and the type of boat you sail on this can be the actual beginning of your trip and not just a day to be endured before you can start to enjoy your holiday.

Before you book your tickets have a look at the type of boats operated by your ferry company of choice. Do they offer cabins and other facilities on those longer crossings? What are the arrangements for getting your car on and off the ship? These and other, seemingly obvious questions, when answered to your satifaction can make the difference between an enjoyable and trouble free trip and one with disappointments and difficulties

Over time we will develop this site to include...

  • Ferries. Quick overview of common classes of ferries
  • Ferry Crossings. Ferry crossings - who goes where around Europe
  • Ferries to France. Ferries to France and a guide to holidaying in continental Europe
  • Cheap Ferries. Cheap Ferry tickets for advance booking and late notice travel
  • Channel Ferries. Ferries and ferry lines serving the Channel / La Manche

Find family saver deals on Calais & Cherbourg channel crossings and great deals on Bilbao, Dublin, Amsterdam, Zeebrugge & Scandinavian destinations from UK ports including Dover, Harwich, Portsmouth and Folkestone. Ferry companies operating out of Portsmouth include Condor Ferries, Wightlink, Brittany ferries, P&O Ferries and LD Lines. From Portsmouth you can take ferries to Caen, Cherbourg, St. Malo and Santander by Brittany Ferries. If you want to go to the Isle of Wight by ferry then your options would be Wightlink to Fishbourne or Ryde.

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UK Ports : England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland including
Isle of Wight

Ireland Ports : Republic, IRL including
Dun Laoghaire

French Ports : France / ports français : la France
St. Malo

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